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Jan 13, 2011 / 3 notes

Fashion & style comes from real people….

Y’all might already know what i’m about to to say but i feel like i should write this down so it can be clear! Yesterday i was watching t.v on E! and they were talking about the current fashion trends, this made me wonder about where do trends truly come from because people are always talking about how these celebrities have been rocking this trend or how we’ve been seeing this color in every fashion show lately! But think about it, the designers could not all, by some miracle, just happen to create clothes in the same exact tone of a particular color for the same season. And celebrities didin’t just decide to suddenly all start wearing the same type of oufits or use a certain accessory at the same time….they where all inspired by something right?! Question is what is that inspiration?

Since my sister is a fashion business major ( or something of that sort) , i decided to ask her about it. She basically told me that they’re were specific people in the fashion industry that are called “trend spotters”, they travel all over the world, in all the major cities from Sidney to beijing to london, paris, new york..ect…And spot trends, by the way:

The word trend means a general direction in which something tends to move    

Ok back to the trend spotters, so they observe, study and analyze what people, in the street, normal, ordinary folks like you, me or any other man or woman , who is by definition in the society, just a normal human being, no one famous, not necessarily wealthy, basically they look at what the average joe and jane doe wear , study what mostly repeat itself, what seems to be the tendency all over the world and analyze how that can be incorporated in the fashion world. From that, the designers get inspired, consult “trend books” and base off their fashion lines for the next seasons! And since celebirites are all rich like that, they can attend all those fashion shows, get inspired on their turn and then dress super fab ( lets not forget with the help of a style team also)!

I’m saying YOU ARE STYLE, FASHION, FABULOUS and ALL THAT! Because you are their inspiration and its because YOU are yourself that they can be fabolous too, that they can make, wear, rock those clothes…but they don’t decide of the trends and what’s in or not, YOU do! so please everyone, love & celebrate your uniqueness and know that there is no need to feel envious or to wan’t a certain celebrity’s life style and fashion because it all comes from you!