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Jul 6, 2010

Love and hate

Here are some things i love

I love the internet: the things you can accomplish with such a tool are endless: blogs, social networks, websites…all the knowledge you can get from just one search or one click will never cease to amaze me.

I love spicy food : I add hot sauce to almost everything i eat ( rice, pasta, meat…anything expect for desserts and certain type of salads)

I love discovering new places within the city i live in : I live in Montreal, Canada. And while i sometimes complain about being bored and not having much to do, thats just nonsense on my part because this city always has something happening. In the summer specially we have so many festivals its crazy: Jazz fest, francopholies ( French music festival), Just for laughs ( comedy festival )…and so many more. Plus this city has so many restaurants its crazy! I bet you, you can find any type of food from any place in the world right here in Montreal. The architecture is also amazing, it’s a mix between a europe and America with very modern buildings versus more traditionnal ones…And only in Montreal, you can find a church next to a university which is next to a strip club!! loll I love it. Mostly wherever i live, i have learned to just walk around and absorb as much as i can from the city, you can never be finished discovering new places where you live!

I love writting “anything” : This one is pretty obvious since i have this blog. lol. Or maybe not but either ways i love love love writing, have always and always will. Back in highschool, my favorite classes where french and philosophy because we always had to write essays. I write down thoughts, poems, song lyrics, story’s, letters ( to myself, to my future husband lol)…i just write anything that goes through my mind. And since i’m fluent in english and french, i love how i can compare my writting in both languages and how the same though can be so different from one language to the other.

Now for the hates ( hate is a too much of a strong word though, maybe more like dislikes)

I do not like colonization : Now i don’t know anyone who would anyways. I hate the idea that a particular country feels as though they have the right to impose themselves on another country because they feel like they have “superior minds” and they can better handle the country than the owners themselves and lets not forget all the while stealing the country’s ressources to benefit themselves. Even last night i was watching a documentary about the colonization in Congo ( which celebrated there 50 independance day june 30th) and it got me so angry to see how African people where treated as though they were less entitled to be and have anything that the white man had. And i was saddened ( although i understood why) to hear some of the african’s nowadays ( if not most) say how they wish the colonization by belgium was still active there because then they wouldn’t suffer as much as they do today, missing the basic like clean water and electricity and having to struggle to eat. All i can say, is that my country ( Guinea) is in the same state as Congo, but the first ever president of our country said something that i find very true:

We prefer poverty in liberty to riches in slavery.” Ahmed Sékou Touré

I don’t like being mean: As silly as this sounds, i feel like people are so mean nowadays. There just angry at everything and everybody for things that no one ( individually at least) can really change. And then they’re utterly mean, saying things to hurt the people around them, mocking how people look, walk, talk and act instead of encouraging them to be the best that they can be. Specially women, calling one another Bitches and hoes…It just ain’t right.

I don’t like nagging : Apparently i’m too sensitive ( or so the say). Well i just think that constantly nagging someone about something is just annoying and it undermines the person. I feel like i’m a 5 years old kid who doesn’t make the difference between whats right and what’s wrong or that you just think i’m siply stupid. There are somethings that are obvious and telling the person about something you don’t like , that they shouldn’t, should only be few times not every chance you get. If the person doesn’t understand it verbally, use other techniques. Plus after awhile of you nagging me, my mind just automatically blocks your negativity and annoyess ( if thats even a word) so try something else to get through to me if i’m that much of a pain in the ass!