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Aug 29, 2010

I wan’t to do a Makeup look…

Should i do

a)  a subtle , everyday look ( oranges, beiges, browns or golds)

b) a dramatic club night look  (blues, blacks or silvers)

c) an intense lined eye with a pop of color ?

Please vote, A B or C 

Aug 25, 2010
Jun 7, 2010

Beauty survey

Favorite Mascara’s: I have many favorites, i’m a drugstores type of girl when it comes to mascara so my top three would be :

  • L’oreal telescopic mascara ( gives amazing length),
  • Cover girl’s Lash blast and great lash BIG ( great volume, a fan effect) and
  • rimmel london’s glam eyes mascara ( very precise, greath length).

In general i would have to say that rimmel london’s mascara’s rarely disappoint me just like my last favorite purchase which is the new the max volume flash mascara ( gives you fat, long lashes)

Favorite foundation’s : I’m not really a foundation girl, i like to keep it very light, specially now in the summer. The one’s i prefer right now are

  • the maybelline pure makeup liquid foundation with H2O ( its oil free and glides around your face very smoothly)
  • the second is any type of mineral powder foundation like i.d bareminrals foundation

Favorite eyeliner: This one is very easy because i love it so much it is the l’oreal lineur intense liquid felt tip eyeliner ( easy to use and last all day)

I do like also the lasting drama gel eyeliner by maybelline ( it’s cheap and works great)

Favorite lipgloss : Ahh, here lies the biggest dilemma. I am obsessed with lipgloss, i always have at least 3 in my purse and a bunch more at home. Because i don’t use much lipstick and because i love my natural lip color so much, i really focus on making my lips shine. 

One of my favorite lipgloss is probalby the cover girl’s wet slicks fruit spritzers in the flavor watermelon splash ( mmhh taste and smells so good, plus its not sticky at all).

Also, to add a bit more sparkle to my lips i like the l’oreal color juice in flavors berry burst and pink grapefruit ( which is like a nude color).

But yeah i could continue on forever about lipgloss, i’ll just add that i love lip balm too, right now i’m using a regular lipbalm by lypsyl which is suprisingly ( seeing how cheap it is, like a 1$ or even less) very very effective against dry lips.

Favorite concealers: I’ve only used two concealers in my life which are the mac studio finish concealer that is somewhat good ( kinda too dry for my taste) and the dermablend cover creme ( so smooth and so clearly my favorite of the two ).

But they are two other concealers that i’m eager to try which is the lise watier color portfolio wheel corrector ( looks amazing and has many great reviews) and the coastal scents como squads.


Favorite nail polish : For this one i’ll focus more on some colors than actual brands of nail polish.I’m not big on the nail game and i used to bite them, but lately ( last two months or so) i was determine to stop and so i did! Very happy about that.  Right now, i’m really into pastels, i find them so beautifully classic.

Lately, i’ve mostly been into  light blues ( like turquoise) purples and pink hues ( beige and salmon), i also love bright yellow’s and rainbow nails. 

Favorite body cream : My skin tends to get dry even in the summer so i love discovering new bodycreams. I specially love butter creams  and the one i’m using right now is the Sparessource’c vanilla sugar butter ( a mix of shea butter, cocoa butter, mango butter and macadamia oil, mmmmhh) It smells divine and makes my skin smooth like a baby’s butt!

Other than that i have three favorite body lotion’s that i use:

  • the Vaseline cocoa butter deep conditioning body lotion with vitamin E 
  • the Aveno creamy moisturizing lotion ( the pink one)
  • the Olay quench body lotion

see pictures below

Favorite makeup remover: Hands down :

the Lancome bi-facial double action eye makeup remover is the best, its gentle and very effective in removing the most stubborn of mascara’s or eyeliner. 

For the whole face, i love the yves rocher soft foam cleanser, removes everything and leaves your skin feeling fresh and soft.

Finally i love the clean&clear makeup dissolving foam cleanser, very good also.

These three makeup removers are all oil-free! Which i  personnaly prefer.

see pictures below

Favorite scent ( perfume / spray): I have a few favorite perfumes but i prefer body sprays, specially in the summer.

  • My top perfumes are Miss Dior cherie, Chance de Chanel ,Happy by clinique and the Godess perfume by Kimora lee Simmons. 
  • As for my favorite body sprays, i loooove Calgon’s turquoise sea’s body mist ( heaven’s fragance to me) and the victoria secret pure seduction body mist in casaba melon, plum and freesia ( just put on a little bit, ahhh such a fresh flowery scent)

Favorite hair product : I think my hair is a little neglected and i have to quicly  change that. Nonetheless i do have a few favorite hair products which are the Dove  and pantene shampoo`s and the chi product line. 

Apart from hair products, i do use a homemade mask made of avocado , mayonnaise and olive oil in my hair about once every two weeks. Leaves my hair shiny and super soft. you can check out the recipe here on my other blog:

Favorite lipstick : Can’t really pronounce myself on this one. I basically have only one lipstick right now and its  the NYC ultra last lipwear, its a bright pink hue that i only wear when i want to feel bold.

Favorite blush: Umm no can’t do, here again, blush is nothing to me really, only got one and don’t know the name of it. but its also a bright pink as i heard it was a great color on dark skin women.

Favorite healthy beauty products

Now i have a few favorites here :

For blackheads ( i hate them) : The body shop’s tea tree oil blackhead minimising mask. Works really great and leaves your skin superrr fresh

To exfoliate: the ever so classical St-Ives Apricot scrub 

As a daily treatment: L’oreal skin genesis anti aging serum ( hey i like to prevent stuff lol), i used it night and day

As a day cream: Garnier age lift day cream with spf 15 or the dove deep moisturizing day cream. I also love the Pond cold cream, which i use at night.

As sunscreen: Vichy protective sun cream/gel with SPF 25

Other alternatives to these beauty products are different homemade mask i do like an egg mask to tighten my skin or a hot steam treatment to open my pores before a clay mask.

So there, does are my favorite beauty products. I hope this was helpfull or somewhat fun to read. Just remember that the beauty products each of us uses depends on our skin type so this doesn’s necessarily make them the best beauty products out there, there just the one’s that i find most appealing. If you want me to do a review on any of the products i’ve named below please feel free to leave me a comment. For any more information, here a few beauty sites , i love to check out : ( great selection of makeup) ( awsome makeup palettes) ( all kinds of beauty products) ( great cheap makeup)   ( the best) ( love there body butters)

And of course, you can visit your local M.A.C , Sephora and bodyshop stores to check out there products also.

Take care , xoxo Yacine